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Are you looking to have some fun, but don’t want anything too serious? Here at Lesbian Flings, we have help you find sexy lesbian hookups wherever you are. Connect with lesbian singles nearby or in the next city. Have a naughty fling right now. Wait no more, get into our lesbian chat rooms and get a bit of action. Explore our world and meet girls now.

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    flings flings flings

    i love to play around

    naughty girls

    Honest review

    I am 32 and from the UK. I login to this site every couple of days, usually when I am in the need for a pick me up. Using this site makes me feel better. There are so many women that message giving compliments. Really good site for the self esteem!

    Flirty & friendly members, lots of singles, messaging, forums

    I've not actually met anyone face to face yet and I've been on here for 9 months now, but I'm happy with that.


    i did like this place but it is full of younger ladies. i am in my 50s and i am looking for someone the same age. i like that the site is easy to use, just too young for me.

    easy to use, friendly members,

    younger members

    Just for fun

    been having a good time on this site for a few months now. i would say that i've had a fling with one person and just sent pics to others. this place puts me in the mood to be naughty

    pics, chatrooms

    Meet people when your away on holiday

    I went to Ireland for a weekend with pals. I found a lassie to meet up with on this site and we had a good laff. I'll be using this whenever I wanna have a wee meet up.

    good for casual action, the photos :P

    Somewhere to experiement

    I'm not a lesbian, i just wanted somewhere to experiment. I wanted to see what it was like going with another girl. This place is great for that. I told the girls I was talking to that I am here to play, nothing else and they were fine with that. I met a girl that showed me the ropes ;)


    The fling that i needed

    I've been looking for someone to have a bit of casual fun with. I wasnt looking for a relationship, i like being single. i got chatting to a few different girls and met up with one a few times. thats all i wanted and this site was great for that. im still a member just incace i wanna let off some steam again

    chatrooms, dirty photos, casual fun


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