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I actually subscribed after receiving a few messages, so the messages are generated by admin (I'm almost 100% certain of this) every month (I cancelled my subscription but had already paid for 3 month) and get messages from the same person every month, I reply, and no one ever replies, I've now resorted to silly replies, even on a few offering £10K if they contact me Of course they don't. Here in the UK there are a massive amount of profiles out of the same town - and the town aint that big so I know they are fake!! The chat rooms seem real enough, but don't get sucked in by messages. In my opinion this site is a con and action should be taken against this type of thing - deliberately misleading people into subscribing. But it probably won't be - be warned, don't waste your money, and reviews here which are positive are more likely created by the site owners - they do a good job of making up profiles!!

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